Originally from South Bronx, Dan Monteavaro’s practice expands to London, Los Angeles,

NYC, Washington DC and Seoul.

Monteavaro’s practice continues to evolve yet stays true to challenging contemporary societal

notions. Today, his artwork can be found in the multiple private, city, and corporate collections;

from Google, Inc. to the French Consulate of the US, and from The City of New York,

Paramount, the NBA, MLS and Universal Pictures, to the Public Art collections of cities like

Glendale, Los Angeles, and West Hollywood.

Most recently, Dan Monteavaro’s work was acquired for the permanent collection of Iowa

Museum of Modern Art (The Figge) and he was included in the juried BP Portrait Awards for

The National Portrait Gallery in the United Kingdom.

Dan currently lives and works out of Los Angeles, CA.



West Hollywood, CA, 90064, USA

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