Orlando Aguillen began his career DJing for Lyor Cohen in Los Angeles, prior to Cohen’s relocation to New York to run Def Jam Records. He went on to serve as head of A&R at Delicious Vinyl where he worked with noted industry figures such as Adrian Miller, owner of Xyion Inc and worked with Jesse Itzler, the cofounder of Marquis Jet amongst other notable business ventures. Orlando continues to work on branding deals with artists of various mediums such as OG Slick, with whom he negotiated a content deal to produce artwork for the Microsoft owned staple franchise – Gears Of War. He currently owns and manages OGallery in Los Angeles, which presents the work of some of the more interesting up and coming as well as established artists today, such as Jose ‘PRIME’ Reza and Reena “RT” Tolentino



West Hollywood, CA, 90064, USA

[email protected]



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